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In October of 2008 Halstead Property established the Commercial Division, its first entry into the field of Commercial Brokerage, in order to round out, expand and enhance its premier position in New York City. Since that time the members of the Division have been involved in major transactions, both in size and visibility, in the areas of investment sales -- buildings, land assemblies and development deals-office and retail leasing and distressed note and asset sales. The Commercial Division is already active and successful in the sale of investment properties (including distressed assets and notes) as well as the leasing of office, retail and other commercial space. Halstead enlisted the guidance of John D. Goldman to lead the Division, a seasoned professional with over 40 years in the real estate business. Mr. Goldman began his career as an attorney, and then went on to build a substantial portfolio of properties as an owner, a manager, and eventually as a developer of properties for his own account. In recent years he has taken on the role of broker and officer of several prominent brokerage houses in Manhattan (and elsewhere).

If you are already working with a Halstead agent, you may contact that agent and he/she can work in conjunction with the Commercial Division; or you can contact the Division directly. Team members are available to consult with you concerning the purchase, sale, or lease of commercial, retail, or office space, or multi-family properties, or to locate investment opportunities for your own use, or for that of your business.

In its first two years of operation it had grown in numbers of agents and volume of sales and leasing transactions. It has established itself, and its members, in the top fees of New York City commercial brokerage and foundation.