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Gloria Mary Filippo


Gloria Mary Filippo
The Filippo Team

Gloria became involved in Manhattan commercial real estate with her husband Stephen, as she began as a “cold caller” to landlords and end users alike, as well as canvasing blocks of buildings to consider possibilities. As time went on, Gloria proved her strong diplomacy and communication skills in the most difficult and lengthy negotiation situations. She was able to bring all parties back to the table, even after communications ceased, so that the deals were done.

Gloria’s gifts are a combination of good will, tact, diplomacy, patience, creativity and a business respect and kindness. Her joy and vivacity, as well as her desire to listen with great interest all show through.

Gloria closed several commercial deals with her husband Stephen, and she brings to the table her gifts of patience, sharp listening skills, keen interest in detail, and opening the doors when the doors seemed to be locked, so to speak. She has a real love for speaking with people on the phone and meeting everyone, as she looks at her investment in communication time as a stepping stone in bringing a deal together.

Gloria is always thinking of different buyers/end users for buildings, and she believes that creativity may very well open up deals for owners and buyers/landlords and tenants alike.

She was able to reopen communications between brokers/agents regarding a huge shopping mall. Her talent was to be the communication spokesperson between parties, in a diplomatic, patient and dynamic way, to move beyond objections and temperaments and to move towards diplomatically encouraging the positive facts for all involved, to doing the deal.

Gloria works effectively and dynamically with native New Yorkers as well as with every regional personality in the states. She has a background in international banking, and through welcoming people skills and knowledge of international manners, successfully engaged very high net-worth clientele from every continent, oftentimes utilizing her language skills in Spanish, with some French and Italian. She has a very small knowledge of Japanese, German, Portuguese and Tagalog.

Gloria is also licensed in CT.

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