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Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen
Commercial Division Agent

Scott Olsen is a 30 year resident of New York who has a passion for brownstone neighborhoods. Having lived in Brooklyn and watching it become one of the most desirable places to live in the Northeast, Scott is a passionate enthusiast about architecture, design and neighborhood character.

With a recent background in finance and financial planning, Scott is uniquely qualified to help the homeowner through the challenging task of working through the mortgage process, as well as understanding the values in pricing properties. Experienced with properties in Upstate New York, Florida and Brooklyn, he keeps up to date in national financial issues and how they relate to his clients and the New York property market.

When it comes to real estate, Scott is also passionate about matching the right people to the right properties. With his experience in relationship and project management Scott is driven to find the right fit of personality to property.

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